“I called you fat in front of MY son… so what?

I was so fuming mad that tears formed in my eyes...
I swear I could’ve grabbed her by the throat. She didn’t care!

She folded her arms... shrugged her shoulders... and watched with a slimy smirk
as blood rushed to my face - “What are you gonna do about it now, Carly?

My husband’s ex-wife Veronica was such a witch…

She’s been bad-mouthing me to my step-son… calling me a “fat oaf”... “Miss Piggy”... and God knows what else! I only found out because the night before as I crawled into bed with my 5-year old step-son…


He poked my belly - “You’re so fat mommy!”

And now I was standing in the driveway of the meanest woman I know… mad as a hornet and ready for the police to drag me away with a clump of her hair in my hand.

What happened next won’t paint me in the best light… but any woman who’s ever been poked fun at because of her weight, has wanted the ground to open up and swallow her whole... or when she catches her partner’s eyes scanning another woman up and down... or just feels plain uncomfortable and insecure in her own skin will understand, and will thank me for sharing the uncensored version of my story…

What I didn’t know, was that my husband’s ex-wife constant bashing of my weight, behind my back and in front of my son, would lead me to discover a mysterious yet simple fat loss trick…


A breakthrough that would teach me how to hack into my own body… and send powerful fat-loss signals to release and burn stubborn belly fat, jiggly flab under my arms, ugly, saggy blubber on the back of my legs and butt, and help me lose 22 pounds in the most noticeable places in just a few weeks.

Almost 30 more pounds in the weeks to follow… slip into my favorite jeans from college that were buried in the back of my closet that I thought would never see the light of day again… Confidently show my tummy in a bikini… and best of all…

Make that floozy Veronica, eat her words…

Because she can’t say anything about my weight anymore.

30lbs weights

In fact, she’s started begging to know about the same weight loss secret that I’m about to share with you… and I haven’t muttered a word to her. I actually told her to figure it out herself and I laugh my ass off every time I hear her grumble about how long she’s been running on the treadmill and drinking her little green drinks... and she’s still not losing an inch.

Call me a bitch, but I keep it real, and I get to choose who I want to share this secret with and it sure as hell won’t be my husband's ex wife. Now, listen up - you’re going to love this...

I didn’t go on some crazy fad diet, or start cutting carbs, or watch my calories to lose the 52 lbs that I have... I didn’t even take up an exercise program at first… Though I have a lot more energy to go to yoga and spin class if I want to nowadays.


I didn’t stumble on some weird “weight loss gadget” or the latest “caffeine pill” touted by the weight loss industry which is all a bunch of lying nonsense anyway.

In fact - I’m willing to bet giant weight-loss corporations and women’s magazines want to keep you in the dark about this information I’m going to share with you in this video, so be sure to watch till the end - it’s my stunningly simple, fat loss solution that is safe and comes from a natural source… A strange compound hidden inside a sour Mediterranean fruit… that’s been shown in high-profile, university supported studies...

Helping some women

Lose 677% more body fat than women who don’t eat this zesty fruit daily1


And another group of women to lose 63% of their body fat… simply by eating this fat-burning super fruit with breakfast for a few short months2. And I know you may be skeptical that a little fruit can do all that, I felt that way too!

But I promise if you stick with me and keep watching this fast-paced presentation to the end, I’ll hand over the stacks of real human studies that support this life-changing weight loss breakthrough, and show you exactly how you can tap into the fat-burning sleeping giant that exists inside your body right now

Eliminate years of frustration and yo-yoing weight troubles…

Experience astonishing fat loss that also delivers a refreshing burst of youthful energy… making any woman regardless of her age or current weight… feel confident - even sexy in her own skin again.


Now… like you can probably tell… I’m NOT a scientist, nor a doctor, or one of those prissy 20-something year old Instagram fitness girls. I don’t have a degree on my wall. Not even one from a community college.

My name’s Carly Johnson... I’m a wife and mother. And even though I married a good man in the aftermath of his ugly divorce… and even though he warned me about how jealous and immature his ex-wife can be…

I never expected she’d sink so low as to...

Insult me in front of my 5-year old step-son…

And I promise I’ll get back to the story in a moment… it puts a wrench in my stomach every time I tell it, and I hate talking about it because of how personal it is and gets my blood boiling. Like it literally feels like bubbling lava in my veins every time I share it. Hell... some women even accuse me of being the “bad guy” in this story… which I think is crazy. But I’ll let you decide for yourself.

And my hands are tied, really… I have to tell this story - it’s what led me to the controversial fat loss ritual that I’ll share with you in a moment… that was buried inside some brainiac science journals that I never would’ve read before… except I needed to get back at her.

I’ll explain all that in a minute… but for now, all you need to know is…

There’s A Certain Molecule Inside Your Body That Sends Signals To Your Cells To Release And Burn Trapped Body Fat...

But after turning 30 years old... Your body creates another enzyme... And this frustrating enzyme blocks the fat burning signals so they never reach your cells...

And because of that— your cells never get the message to burn body fat! Which causes frustrating, unstoppable weight gain as you get older. It has nothing to do with your metabolism or your hormones... though managing both of those is important.

This certain molecule is really all about fat loss... And if you can boost the signals so the fat-burning messages reach your cells without interference... Just like they did when you were younger... There’s no telling how much weight you’ll be able to lose. Now I have to warn you...

If you don’t boost these signals now...
It’ll only get worse!

You’ll get more and more uncomfortable wearing strapless dresses, tank tops, or anything else that shows your arms or hugs your stomach. Maybe you can relate to this but, you will eventually hate jogging or dragging yourself to the gym like I did... because well, everything is everywhere!

Your tummy bounces, your shorts are constantly riding up, you feel like everyone’s judging you as the “fat girl” trying to get in shape, and you’ll continue to put your coat in your lap to hide your scrunched-up belly rolls, while you listen to other people’s ignorant comments about your weight.

Because for some reason they take issue with it when they should really just butt-out and mind their own business… and let your self esteem crumble, brick by bitter brick as you catch your partner gawking at another woman like a horn-dog.


Starting today you can completely change course with your weight

and see the scale move down incredibly fast…

Listen if you’ve been struggling with your weight, don’t be hard on yourself because it’s NOT your fault and I’m going to show you exactly why when you keep watching.

I mean, you get a complete pass in my book - it’s not your fault no one ever taught you this stuff. Whatever stubborn belly fat that’s clutching to your stomach and refusing to budge… forgive yourself for it… and get excited!

Because it won’t be around for long if you follow the stunningly simple advice that changed my life and has already helped thousands of women get the body-slimming results they so desperately craved.

fat belly

So if you have 10, 20, even 30 or more soul-crippling pounds to lose, and want to quickly shed layers of deep belly fat in a matter of weeks… melt inches off your waist and around your butt and thighs… feel proud again about the number on the tag of your jeans… sculpt a gorgeous, head-turning figure with the kind of silhouette that makes your man (or any man) drool, instantly boost your health, energy and happiness… Then buckle up your seatbelt!

Because the breakthrough discovery that I promise will do wonders for your body and confidence… came after a series of unfortunate and humiliating events worse than an overnight stay at the local police station. It started when I was cuddling my 5-year old step-son before bed, something we do every night when he isn’t with his biological mom.

“You’re so fat mommy!” he said. Immediately my heart sank so far down into my stomach, I thought I swallowed it... my skin got cold and clammy and little sweat bullets from the sudden shock of embarrassment beaded around my forehead…

I choked on my response... “What makes you say that?” - pleading in my head he was just being silly.

“Your fat belly makes you fat!” he giggled. “Are you gonna workout because you’re so fat?”

He never called me fat before. We didn’t raise him to say those awful words to anybody.

They jabbed deep into me like a knife… It was like death by 1000 cuts… “Where did you learn to say that?” That’s when he told me “my real mom said so”...

That witch. Veronica was badmouthing me to my son… talking about how fat I was to a 5-year old!
Never had I been so furious. Humiliated. Ashamed about my weight. Sure, it was true - I’m not in denial. I wasn’t as thin as when I had married my husband just a year before...

Had it really got that out of control, where everyone else noticed?

My husband’s crazy ex-wife? My step-son? My husband - is this what he was thinking too? I mean - I guess I just got so busy trying to take care of everyone that I lost track of me. And even though I love them… adding a husband and son to your life isn’t an easy task. My schedule went from being pretty laid back… to crazy, almost overnight… And I’m the one that takes care of our son 90% of the time. Veronica only has custody every other weekend.


And she’s so out of the loop and careless… that one time she had to ask me what his shoe size was! But no one cared to cut me any slack.

And as I sat there in my step-son’s bed trying to cover up my belly with his Batman pillow… I just wanted to break down and cry. Honestly — it brought back a LOT of chilling insecurities from when I first met my soon to be husband… and found out he was divorced. Just between you and me…

My husband broke it off with Veronica for a lot of reasons, but...

Her figure certainly wasn’t one of them!

In the summer she’d drop my step-son off at our house in a skimpy bathing suit after taking him to the pool… and it’s like her body cast a magic spell over him. Like all of a sudden I was invisible. And she knew it too… she was a manipulative harlot and would use her looks to get what she wanted. She cheated on my husband while he was away on an office trip, which is why they got a divorce, but I could tell that he still finds her really attractive.

She knew it too. She’d give me these glances in the middle of their conversations… and I swear at that moment I think I had telepathy because I could almost hear her say, “I could take him back right now if I wanted… and there’s nothing you could do about it.” I mean…

If he was trapped in some lustful trance over some Victoria’s Secret model, then fine, whatever! He doesn’t stand a chance of hooking up with someone like that, but this is a woman he’d been with. Had a kid with. And I think she’d crawl into bed with him just to prove she could do it... and to make my life miserable. My heart felt like it was tied to a boulder and thrown into the sea.

I wanted to shut-down and hide from the world.

Quit momming. Quit being a wife. Devote all my time to working out in my bedroom and starving myself. And not leave until I emerge with a new body.

I told you my story doesn’t paint me in the best light… but this is where it gets a little… well… explosive. And it’s embarrassing to tell. The next day I drove to Veronica’s house to confront her about what she said. And of course she was in a tiny crop top that showed her flat stomach and a pair of skin tight yoga pants. She must’ve just gotten back from the gym with all the extra time she had on her hands because she had money flowing in from the divorce. Meanwhile I looked like a frumpy mess.


As much as I hated her…

I couldn’t help but envy her

Of all the women in the world, why did my husband’s ex-wife have to be the one with the big boobs and the toned stomach? “Oh, hi Carly… what a surprise…” she said. I wasn’t in the mood to put up with her fakeness - “What have you been saying about me to our son?”

She played the poor, 'innocent me' act, and pretended like she never, ever talks about me. “Last night he called me fat, and he told me YOU taught him that!

What she said next made me want to rip her hair out - “I called you fat in front of MY son, so what?” My heart thumped loudly, my muscles quivered and my hands shook. And she just stood there amused… watching the smoke come out of my ears like I was a steaming pot of tea screeching on a hot stove. Now… Veronica seemed like the kind of woman who’d been in plenty of fights… I mean— she’s such a priss, I’ll bet there are dozens of women who want to take her head off…

But even though I’d never been in a fight before… I was prepared to be dragged away by the police with a clump of her hair in my hand. But something even worse happened…

Worse than being thrown in jail for laying her out on her own front lawn…

Instead of standing up to my bully… I froze... shut down right in front of her like someone had hit a “power off” switch inside of me.Don’t talk about my weight any more!” I shouted, turned around and quickly walked back to my car. I knew she had some kind of smug remark in the chamber. Like “what are you gonna do about it…” or something childish like that. I would’ve just stood there choking back tears.


I slumped into my car and slammed the door. My whole body was convulsing. Like a bottle of coke that's been shaken up and ready to burst. I could see out of the corner of my eye she was still standing there watching me and laughing to herself... Probably with a look of accomplishment for crushing me without lifting a finger. She was just like all of the other mean girls I remember from high school. The kind that you want to jump into a locker and hide from when you see them walking down the hall.

Every insecurity from my childhood until now possessed my body like a demon and I couldn’t stop shaking. So I sped away before the dam of tears broke from behind my eyes. Of course - Veronica called my husband right after and made me out to be some ugly monster who came stomping up her driveway yelling threats at her. And when I couldn’t feel anymore alone…

My husband called from work and TOOK HER SIDE...

Telling me I shouldn’t have gone over there to “pick a fight.” I was too defeated to argue anymore. I hung up the phone and drove to pick up my step-son from school. And sat there in the car, staring at my squishy, scrunched up belly and flabby thighs… looking at my round, puffy face in the mirror…


After I couldn’t look at myself anymore… I opened up the Facebook app on my phone to scroll through my newsfeed and get my mind off things... and there was a memory of me from two years before… back when I first started dating my husband. I looked so happy. Much thinner. I looked so young and full of life. I looked “hot”.

I remember, I wasn’t even that thrilled with my weight at the time, but I’d kill to look like that now. I didn’t realize how much I’d ballooned, how quickly it all snuck up on me! It’s like the weight had been stalking me until it suddenly sprung on me, before I even noticed how bad it got.

Does any of that sound familiar? It’s crazy how you can do all the same things you’ve always done. Eat the same food… veg out on some nights (but not every night)… even exercise 5 or 6 days per week… And it’s like all of a sudden, instead of maintaining your weight give or take a few pounds the scale goes haywire and before you know it you’re so much heavier than you imagined and you just feel... well, gross. So much less confident with the lights on…

tape measure

And even if no one’s said anything to you about it, you sure notice the difference. The weight that’s caked on to your belly and butt. How much rounder your face has gotten. You feel uncomfortable in clothes that used to fit great. You hate running into people you haven’t seen in a while, because you’ve gained a noticeable amount of heavy, ugly body fat… when you used to be a twig in high school.

You don’t get as much attention from men like you used to. And the ones who look your way aren’t exactly Ryan Gosling. There are even times when you walk into a room and literally no one looks your way. You feel like a complete ghost. Like you don’t even exist. Like you’re just floating through life like a shadow. If any of that sounds familiar… and the weight snuck up on you like it did me… And now it’s harder than ever to shake… And now you just want your old body back… then stick with me.

There’s a deep biological reason

The scale has gotten more stubborn and you’ve outgrown your favorite pair of jeans

And I promise in just a moment I’m going to tell you exactly what it is… and the shockingly simple 8-second breakfast ritual you can do each morning to reverse it… and start losing body fat like you could in your early 20s.

chocolate lover

My pathetic confrontation with Veronica was “the straw that broke the camel’s back”. I couldn’t stand up to her with my words or fists like I wanted to… But I was determined to get the kind of body that would make her eat her words and keep my husband’s undivided attention… and make my step-son proud to call me “mommy.”

So I drove head first into one of those miserable no carb diets… which really sucked because I’m a “sweets” girl. I just love chocolate. And I didn’t mind snacking on fruit… But on this diet that’s supposed to help you lose weight really fast… I couldn’t have either one.

Now I’ll admit… I’m no model of “superhuman willpower”. There were nights when I’d sneak into the kitchen after everyone else was in bed… because I could hear the rocky road ice cream shouting my name from the freezer. And it wouldn’t let me sleep until I gave in. But I was trying to do my best. I even started going for jogs around the neighborhood after dropping my step-son off at school. And I was proud of myself for doing it. It’d been a while since I made time to exercise… but I couldn’t shake this weird feeling of being watched

Like there were a hundred “Veronica’s” peering out their window — laughing at the “Big Girl” bouncing down the road.

Guess how much weight I lost after two months of that? A whopping 2 pounds. Talk about kicking a girl when she’s down. Here I am stepping out of my comfort zone trying to do the right things. Practically starving myself on some days… watching my gross cottage cheese thighs jiggle while I run out in public… constantly pulling my shorts out of my butt because they like to ride up on me.

And all I have to show for it is 2 measly pounds. Yeah — sure... that’ll make Veronica eat her words, alright! I collapsed into bed thinking…

I’ll never lose weight... so why even try?

There had to be something wrong with me. Horrible genetics, resistant metabolism, slow thyroid. Something out of the ordinary, right?

Well here’s where it gets really exciting for any woman who’s felt like she’s at war against her body… and can’t lose weight like she should be able to... because the next day — after I dropped my step-son off at school… I let my gym shoes sit by the door. Let the laundry pile up. Left the dishes in the sink. And sat my butt in front of the computer to get to the bottom of why I couldn’t lose weight.

And that’s when I discovered what may be the most important fat loss secret that the weight loss industry would hate for you to know about…

A certain molecule that exists deep within your biology, controls

How much fat is burnt in any given day


Here’s how it works… at least, as best as I understood it. There’s a certain “signalling molecule” in the body called cAMP… And this signalling molecule sends messages to your cells to burn fat. However… there’s also a “signal-muting enzyme” in the body called PDE-4… that targets and blocks the fat-burning signals sent from cAMP molecules3

And when cAMP signals are blocked… it’s really hard to constantly burn fat. You with me so far? Great... and get this…

Studies show that as you get older… The amount of PDE-4 “signal-muting enzymes” in your body increase4,5… meaning as the years pass by, your cells aren’t receiving as many… if any… messages to burn fat.

That’s why when you were younger it seemed like

You could eat anything you wanted but wouldn’t gain a pound

After turning a certain age the weight increases from 140… to 150… to 160 - up and up it climbs... even though you’re eating exactly the way you did before! Or maybe you’re trying to watch what you eat and still the number on the scale doesn’t move in your favor. You may even be the kind of woman who’s so busy being a super-mom, a super-wife and super-career woman… that you hardly have any time to sit down and have a real meal. Yet somehow your belly keeps expanding!


Aaaagh! It’s so frustrating… and the worst part is how people treat you when the fat just refuses to budge… because no matter how much you swear to them that you’re trying to lose the weight…

And you’re doing everything you know how… nibbling on boring chicken salads with light dressing - chaining yourself to a treadmill for an hour every morning… They don’t believe you…

Instead they secretly gossip about how you’re a lazy liar behind your back… and insist that if you would just “put the fork down” it’d solve all your problems. And I hate that “no excuses” mantra I hear from my hardcore workout friends… telling me that if I don’t become a workout fanatic and eat rabbit food like them... That I’m not doing enough to lose weight and I have no reason to complain. And doctors don’t show any sympathy either!

Their “prescription” for women like me, who struggled to tears with their weight, is to “eat less and move more”... like I haven’t tried that one already. And I can just tell…

The thin, young & attractive nurses take one look at me...

And diagnose me as a lazy, glutinous, self-delusional pig…

Sitting around and stuffing my face with thousands of extra calories every day… and then swears I’m trying to “eat healthier". But it turns out… they’ve all been wrong this whole time- studies show there really is an enzyme in your body right now, that’s blocking fat-burning messages from getting to your cells…

Forcing you to gain heavy, ugly body fat, battle like crazy against those stubborn last 10 pounds…

Never feeling thin enough, attractive enough, or loved enough…


That’s why I’m so glad you’re still watching… because what I’m about to share with you, didn’t only change my life… and help me transform from being the heaviest I’d ever been, tearfully chucking clothes that didn’t fit around the bedroom like a hurricane, and hating the woman I saw in the mirror every morning…

To losing inches around my waist almost overnight… flattening my tummy… tightening sag spots under my arms… scrubbing away cellulite on the backs of my legs and butt… and feeling more confident than ever before in my adult life

But it also helped me get back at my husband’s ex-wife for bad mouthing my weight behind my back. Like I said earlier, it all comes down to this messenger molecule in the body called cAMP. This cAMP molecule sends messages to your cells to burn fat for fuel.

But remember - right now, the reason why you’re not burning as much fat as you’d like, is because you have an increasing amount of the signal muting enzyme PDE-4, getting in the way.

It’s like when you try to send a text message...

In a “Dead Zone”


No matter how many times you press “send”... or how many messages you try to send out, the messages never get received. In the same way - your cAMP enzymes are trying to send signals to your cells to burn fat, but as long as PDE-4 is around it mutes the cAMP signals… And your cells never get the message.

But here’s where it gets exciting… because what that means is, you simply lower the amount of PDE-4 inside your body

As a result “unmute” your cAMP signals… letting the fat-burning messages actually reach your cells… you can then increase the potential for cells to utilize fat for fuel, and when that happens you actually BURN fat and the scale will start to spin in reverse… because your body will automatically - without making any changes to your diet or exercise…

Begin burning fat from those troublesome spots...

On your belly, love handles, thighs and everywhere else - Hour by Hour

You’ll wake up looking leaner, younger, sexier in the mirror each morning. And instead of starting your day with tears in your eyes, feeling so mad at yourself that you want to scream or cry, berating yourself with thoughts like, “Why did I let myself get this big?”

You’ll suddenly lose 10, 20 even 30 pounds or more of heavy, ugly body fat and amaze your family with a mind-blowing transformation that actually came pretty darn easy...Pull your favorite pair of jeans up past your thighs again… and look bootylicious (in a sexy way). Look years younger in the mirror and in new pictures… And wake up oozing with self-confidence and happiness that maybe you haven’t felt in a while. So the question is…

How you can increase this almost magical signalling molecule

To boost your fat loss and see astonishing changes in the mirror and on the scale?

If you’ve checked out for a moment… it’s time to check back in… because you’re going to be stunned by how shockingly simple it is to boost the messages to your cells that tell stubborn, trapped body fat to burn… BURN… BURN!

Because studies show a sour fruit hidden on the coasts of the Mediterranean Sea… contains a certain body-slimming compound… that “deactivates” the signal-muting enzyme — PDE-46,7,8… and as a result “Unmutes” and boosts fat burning signals sent to each cell from cAMP9,10.

Even better… studies are showing this certain ingredient also creates more cAMP messengers in the body, for even stronger fat-burning potential. This compound is called a PDE-4 inhibitor.

In a study published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism, 31 women were given either a PDE-4 inhibitor or placebo for 12-weeks - in the hope to figure out if PDE-4 inhibitors would be a new big breakthrough in weight loss… the researchers were shocked

Women given the PDE-4 Inhibitor

Lost up to 677% more body fat11 than the placebo group!

In another study that was done “in-vitro”… researchers found when mice were fed a high fat, American style diet, and given a PDE-4 inhibitor supplement every day, they had noticeably greater weight loss when compared to the placebo group after just 2 weeks…

By the end of the study… the scientists announced that PDE-4 inhibitors may be a “new target for weight loss strategies12”. Now with that said…


Don’t settle for just any PDE-4 Inhibitor if you want to achieve rapid, head-turning weight loss

Studies show some are weaker than others… and may possibly leave you just as frustrated with slow-go results, as you are right now. That’s why it’s so important you keep following this presentation - there’s a sour meditarranean fruit that contains the very same PDE-4 inhibitor enzymes as in the studies I just mentioned, that will push that pesky PDE-4 enzyme outof the way… so nothing stands between you and your personal fat loss breakthrough anymore.

Imagine how wonderful you’ll feel when you do your makeup… and instead of trying to hide behind it - it feels more like you’re adding to your beauty…

You look in the mirror

And think - “Wow, I look really HOT!!”

You go about your day as normal… yet you feel so much more attractive and energized because you aren’t bogged down by heavy body fat that feels like a big, uncomfortable costume. And instead of seeing pictures of yourself and thinking, “Yuck, I look really fat in this outfit…” or feeling like people always see your weight before they see all the effort you put into your appearance… Or sometimes feeling so embarrassed to even exist because you just hate the way those extra pounds look on you… You feel confident in your own skin…

And that confidence gives you an extra nudge to try new things… feel free, fun and unafraid to be the center of attention… and so much happier.

Sure… losing weight may not solve every problem - like getting rid of your husband's ex like I wish would happen to Veronica. But after experiencing a weight loss transformation that you love and everyone else whispers about and compliments you on, you get this new kind of strength… almost like a superpower - where you can take on life’s challenges with an immeasurable confidence boost. I’m telling you… on a scale of 1 to 10… you may feel like a 1,000…

Like your life has taken a complete 180-degree turn for the better. And you’re constantly smiling. Constantly proud of yourself. And underneath it all secretly feeling sexy all the time, and the best part is you can achieve that without making any drastic lifestyle changes… or starting an exercise program, or monitoring what you eat if you don’t want to


All it takes is a simple 8-second ritual that you’ll do with breakfast each morning, and you and everyone else will be blown away by your stunning weight loss. But before I tell you exactly what this sour Mediterranean orange is that’ll reshape your figure faster than you likely imagined possible… let me tell you about the groundbreaking studies that put this ingredient on the map.

In one study published in the journal Phytomedicine… French researchers tested the effects of this citrus-based PDE-4 inhibitor and cAMP booster on 20 subjects…

The subjects were either given this PDE-4 inhibitor supplement or a placebo - the doctors were stunned to find subjects given this ingredient had...

6x faster fat loss than the placebo group and lost 5.53% of their body fat after just 4 weeks - a whopping...

15.6% of their body fat after 12 weeks13

The French research group was so baffled by the results that they continued testing this powerful sour fruit compound on 95 more subjects. After 12-weeks the PDE-4 inhibitor group lost more than twice the weight around their hips and belly… and had almost 3x greater fat loss than the placebo group. The scientists concluded, “These results indicated this supplement is a viable option for reducing abdominal fat, waist and hip circumference, and body weight.”14

A third clinical study suggests subjects given this mysterious ingredient were able to…

Lose an average of 63% fat mass over 4 months

That was according to a measurement done by the Dual energy X-ray Absorptiometry machine... which is the gold standard technology for measuring body mass. Plus — the subjects increased their resting energy expenditure… meaning they burned a shocking amount of calories while just going about their day as usual… without even realizing the fat loss that was happening inside of them… burning an extra 180 calories per day with literally no effort15.

And finally… in a recent 2020 study published in the Journal of Medicinal Food, researchers tested the effects of this sour fruit compound or a placebo on 86 subjects for 12-weeks… and found those given the supplement lost 28% more body fat than the placebo group16. Isn’t that amazing?

The only difference between the two groups in these studies was that one made it a daily morning ritual to take this groundbreaking new PDE-4 inhibitor… which increased the amount of fat burning messages sent from cAMP to the cells… and creating almost unbelievable, head-turning, and life-changing fat loss in these women. Are you ready for me to spill the beans on what this ingredient is?


I’m so excited to share it with you but I just need to get one tiny thing out of the way first. This powerful fat burning ingredient is created from sour Mediterranean oranges… because these special oranges across the way are more powerful than anything we have here in the United States. And yet… it’s not the oranges alone that gave the women in these studies almost miraculous results. Instead - the French scientists took the powerful fat shrinking and fat burning compounds from inside the oranges that stimulate fat loss by inhibiting PDE-4 enzymes… and ramping up cAMP signals, and used a proprietary method to make it as potent and effective as humanly possible… and created this life changing ingredient — Sinetrol®.

Because Sinetrol® is a patented ingredient, it’s very difficult for women like you and me who don’t own one or two supplement companies or have some big health business to get our hands on it. They only take orders for thousands of bottles at a time and that’s obviously way out of budget.

A little loophole I found where you can get

This powerful fat loss ingredient PLUS a handful of other ingredients

Help those pounds and inches to melt away even faster.

You see after learning all of this really neat stuff… I knew there was no way I could do this on my own. So I started asking around for help… and was introduced to a friend of a friend named John, who owns a health supplement company that's putting high-quality formulas into an easy-to-swallow pill form.

So I printed off all the research I learned about Sinetrol®, put it in a binder and then met John for lunch to see if he knew anything about it.

That’s when I knew I stumbled on something truly special, because even though John’s been in the health industry for a long time, he’d never seen this research before and was blown away by how amazingly well it worked in clinical trials. Those were his words... not mine.

After telling him more about my stubborn weight loss journey, he recommended a handful of other ingredients that he believed would work perfectly with Sinetrol® to kick my fat loss into high gear.

John was really sweet about it, because not only did he promise to get in touch with the Sinetrol® manufacturers… but he even offered to put together a small batch of this formula just for me… so I could try it out and see how it worked.

Now I’m not gonna lie… it’s a long process to create a supplement from scratch. And I wasn’t exactly a saint when it came to my eating or exercise during that. I actually gained 8 more pounds while waiting for that phone call from John saying my supplement was ready. In the meantime Veronica was being her typical self - dropping off my step-son in some skimpy outfit...

A strapless sundress

One strong tug away from revealing everything…


If this plan didn’t work… I’d be out of ideas. And have to live in Veronica’s shadow forever.

John gave me a call after he got the supplement arrived, and handed me 6 bottles… told me to take one serving, twice a day... every morning with breakfast and at midday… and to keep track of the changes in a little journal.

And I know this sounds really sneaky and deceptive… but I didn’t want my husband to know about it. It was a little embarrassing and I wanted to see if he’d notice my weight loss on his own. So I kept my bottles on my nightstand. And took them after he’d gone to work. I didn’t change anything else in my diet or start exercising more because I wanted to see if just taking these ingredients would transform my body like I was hoping.

And let me tell you... I was shocked - I could feel the difference almost immediately. It started with having more energy. Like the ingredients opened some kind of energy vault in my body and now I had more spring in my step than I knew what to do with. It was probably because my body was burning more calories for fuel on its own. I jumped on the scale at the same time every morning too… and the needle kept moving backwards. From 198 to 196 to 193. Every morning! It even got to the point where…

I got so excited to step on the scale

... and see how much weight I had lost

... I'd rush my husband out the door just so I could weigh myself!

After the first two weeks, clothes that used to cocoon my body like saran wrap started to fit looser and more comfortably… especially around my belly. The little chub on my love handles vanished. The jiggly fat on my legs and butt started to firm up. My face looked a little less puffy.

And after about a month… well that’s when others started to take notice. Girlfriends of mine complimented me and asked what I was doing. My husband started to get smitten with me again - maybe because I was getting back to the body I had when we first met… Even Veronica gave me a backhanded compliment. She said, “Wow, Carla. I bet you feel so much better after losing so much weight…”. I know she meant it to be rude. But nothing could rain on my little weight loss parade.


In Just 8-weeks I’d Lost 22 Pounds Of Body Fat…

This new little habit of mine was working and it was working fast. And the best part was I actually felt amazing the entire time while losing weight. I wasn’t starving myself. I didn’t clean all the chocolate out of my pantry. I wasn’t the big girl huffing and puffing up the steep hill in the neighborhood.

I was eating the foods I love… only exercising when I wanted to. (I had to do something with all the extra energy, right?) And my step-son was really happy. Because now when I’d take him to the park, he had a playmate.

I wouldn’t just sit on the bench and watch. We’d play “the floor is hot lava” or "freeze tag", and make lots of fun memories together. I really did feel like a superwoman on some days… and the only change I made was taking a combination of powerful cAMP boosting ingredients in the morning

And that was enough to kickstart my transformation and explode my confidence sooner and better than I really ever expected it would. And I was really happy John gave me 6 bottles to try…

The results kept getting better and better the longer I used them

... and I wanted to keep the results going as long as possible.

And with all these amazing changes to my body, energy and confidence… the romance between my husband and me really picked back up. I won’t get into the hot and heavy details… but feeling his touch again… having him pick me upspoon in the bedroom like I was light as a feather… Like the night we got married and I felt so tiny and safe in his arms after we made love… It felt like I was living inside a real life fantasy. It seemed like he wanted as little to do with Veronica as possible now.

When she’d come over to drop off our son… It didn’t matter what little outfit she was wearing to tempt him, he’d shoo her away within seconds instead of entertaining her just so he could gawk at her goodies. He was on my side again.

In a weird way I’m thankful for Veronica’s big mouth and bad behavior - because those horrible comments she made about my weight to my step-son once upon a time… well - you could say they backfired on her. I know, enough about me. But as a woman you know these little wins count!

You need to realize you're literally only one step away from experiencing some of these same victories…

And I'll tell you right now… once you hit your own weight loss goal - whether it’s losing 20, 30, 40, or even 100 pounds of heavy, embarrassing body fat… it just feels like an added bonus knowing you’ve bought yourself some extra time on this planet with your friends and family and...

How you feel about that woman staring back at you in the mirror each morning can be pretty powerful too!

Instead of waking up in the morning and thinking, “Ugh, I need to lose weight…” Hurling clothes around your closet in a frenzy of tears… Avoid getting your picture taken because you know you’ve gained weight but don’t want to face it… and god forbid… dealing with some horribly, mean, evil stepmother… bitchy coworker, or an insensitive partner who constantly talks about YOUR weight like it’s the bane of their existence

You can put all of that behind you,

Starting today I hope you will!

After seeing such rapid changes to my figure… my girlfriends begged to know my secret. And when I told them what I’d been using, they asked me if I could spare some bottles. I wasn’t trying to be greedy or anything, but I couldn't do it.

I was down to my last bottle at that time and the results were still only getting better... so I told John about my experience with his formula, and how my friends were so impressed that they begged me to share it with them. So after meeting John for another lunch, and seeing that look of shock in his eyes!

He and I took another BIG risk… and ordered a warehouse full of this formula to get it into the hands of as many women as possible. We call it… cAMP Boost.

cAMP boost

cAMP Boost

cAMP Boost is a safe yet POWERFUL fat loss formula that uses the strongest PDE-4 inhibitors available to remove the enzymes that are blocking fat loss and boost fat-burning messages sent from cAMP molecules. That communicate to your cells to burn fat hour by hour, nonstop.

These ingredients literally burst apart the biggest roadblock inside your body that’s been the cause of frustrating, unstoppable weight gain… stubborn, slow-go fat loss… and years of frustration, humiliation and insecurity in your own skin.

I already told you about Sinetrol®… and how it targets the root cause of stubborn body fat. But like I said Sinetrol® wasn’t the only ingredient that helped make my transformation happen. And I’m so excited to share the next special ingredient with you… because it’s going to give you…

A fat-burning advantage that

You’ve likely never dreamed possible…

Proving beyond a shadow of a doubt that cAMP Boost is the most powerful… most foolproof fat loss solution for any woman desperate to slim down and love her figure.Here’s how this ingredient works…

Scientists have discovered two types of fat in the body - the first type is known as “white fat”... it’s that fluffy stuff around your midsection, under your arms, and touching your thighs together. But there’s a second type of fat called “brown fat”... And this kind of fat is really special… because every cell in your body has something called a mitochondria… which is like a mini “energy factory” for that cell... and the more mitochondria a cell has… the more calories it’s going to burn.

Now… White fat contains only one or two mitochondria, but brown fat contains a dozen mitochondria, which makes it a fat-burning powerhouse.17

Do you remember how I told you that cAMP signals get weaker with age… which makes it harder to burn fat as you get older? Well just like that, brown fat becomes less active as you age, too! And that also contributes to stubborn weight gain and sluggish fat loss after so many years.

But the incredible news is studies show you can increase the amount of brown fat activity in your body in just a few seconds each day… making it so much easier to lose weight and drop that stubborn, troublesome, heavy and ugly body fat.18,19,20 But that’s not all… because recently scientists have discovered that anyone… including you, can -

Turn your normal, unsightly white body fat into

Fat-burning brown fat!21, 22


Researchers call this process “browning” your white fat. I like to think of it like roasting a marshmallow over a crackling fire, because there’s a certain hot African spice that “toasts” white fat tissue… And we’ve added this to our cAMP Boost formula to help literally transform stubborn body fat into this body-slimming fat that reshapes your figure and gives you tons of energy.

Imagine how easy your weight loss will be when you "reactivate” this fat-burning-fat for the first time in years and maybe even decades… And literally trade stubborn, trapped body fat for more fat-burning-fat each morning. Plus - studies show as you lose weight…

Your body rewards you by

Activating even more brown fat23

You can maintain your figure even easier. I told you it was like a dream come true. Because… when you use this powerful daily fat-burning mechanism once per day, your body has no choice - It CANNOT store as much fat as before and MUST burn more fat at rest… So you automatically get leaner hour by hour without stopping.

So let me tell you how to activate it - There’s a certain herb native to southern Ethiopia that turns on the “brown fat engine” so to speak - it’s called grains of paradise… which is a rare and expensive ancient superfood that was treated like gold in European colonies - who would send explorers to the coasts of Africa just to track it down.

grains of paradise

In one study published in the British Journal of Nutrition, researchers tested to see how 'grains of paradise' work with brown fat… and discovered that subjects given the grains of paradise extract had a significantly greater increase in brown fat activation compared to the placebo group who saw no changes. Doctors concluded simply taking the 'grains of paradise' ingredient would help to increase fat loss by activating this fat-burning-fat.24

In another 4-week study published in the Journal of Nutritional Science and Vitaminology… researchers tested to see if grains of paradise could increase fat loss in the same way… by activating brown fat. And they found that subjects given grains of paradise extract had a significant loss in belly fat and total body fat… and burned 100 calories more per day than the placebo group.

They concluded, “These results suggest that grains of paradise extract may be an effective and safe tool for reducing body fat, mainly by preventing visceral fat accumulation…”25 Or in other words— it burns fat and keeps your body from storing fat.

So yes — grains of paradise are a powerfully helpful herb for melting belly fat… and because we’re serious about you seeing the kind of fat loss you desire and deserve… we didn’t add just any grains of paradise ingredient to cAMP Boost

We added a 100% pure, unadulterated form of grains of paradise… preserving every bioactive ingredient that makes grains of paradise so effective… and boosts the metabolic effects for unbelievable fat loss.26 It’s called CaloriBurn®… And listen… as powerful as Sinetrol® and CaloriBurn® are together, and we didn’t stop there. Because they’re even more effective when combined with a handful of other ingredients that we formulated together in our unstoppable fat loss supplement.

The next ingredient is guarana seed extract. In one study from Columbia University, 24 subjects were given guarana seed extract or a placebo... and the results were shocking.

Folks who were given the Guarana Seed lost a remarkable 16.3 lbs and 5.1% body fat over the 8 week study27

Guarana helps control body weight by increasing cAMP signals sent out to cells... for safe and rapid fat loss.28, 29, 30, 31 And what’s really exciting is studies show it helps burn fat even when you INCREASE the amount of calories you eat.32 But we didn’t stop there…

After guarana, we added a sour super-fruit that was once the “golden child” of Hollywood fat loss, said to help women lose 10-12 lbs of stubborn belly fat in just 10-days. The “secret weapon” of Hollywood celebrities Brooke Shields and Kylie Minogue to get in shape for hot box office films33… and…

Dr. Oz Recently said "This ingredient is back for weight loss... and better than ever!”34

This sour super-fruit is grapefruit - but instead of chopping it up, making sour lemon faces and adding more calories to your day, we have added grapefruit extract to our cAMP Boost formula…

This preserves the fat-loss compounds that made grapefruit famous years ago… but now without the extra calories or bitter taste - demonstrated in a study among women, published in the journal Food and Nutrition Research. Grapefruit consumption was associated with lower body weight, smaller waist circumference, and reduced body fat compared to women who don’t regularly eat grapefruits or take a grapefruit extract.35 And in yet another study…

Women who took a Grapefruit extract supplement

Lost 333% more weight than the placebo group36

Why is it so effective? Again — it all comes down to a certain compound inside the extract… that helps break down PDE-4 enzyme… and supports cAMP fat burning cell signals… so you can experience faster and easier weight loss.37

After grapefruit extract we added citrus sinensis extract.38, 39 In one study, researchers discovered “statistically significant evidence that citrus sinensis extract may increase lean mass and reduce fat mass.”40

In another 4 week study, researchers found folks given citrus sinensis extract also had a "significant reduction in body fat"" - their ending body weight, body fat percentage, waist and hip circumference were significantly smaller than the placebo group.41

And quite possibly the most important ingredient of all is the last one we added to cAMP Boost… called Bioperine®. Bioperine® is a natural black pepper extract that works like a shield around each ingredient… To help increase the absorption of each ingredient in our formula so they deliver the maximum effect.42, 43 In other words…

Bioperine® guarantees these ingredients absorb into the body and start working right away so your fat loss results are a sure-thing...

Which is a breath of fresh air… because with other weight loss formulas… there’s always this little voice in the back of your head saying… "Is this really working?" - are the ingredients doing what they said they would? Well with our added Bioperine® ingredient you can rest assured that the ingredients inside cAMP Boost go to work in minutes, and are protected in the body to deliver fast-paced fat loss.

It’s these 6 ingredients working together that boosts
fat-burning cAMP signals

Keeping you in “Fat Loss Mode” morning, noon and night!

Best of all… using cAMP Boost will achieve faster fat loss than ever before in your adult life. Finally getting rid of fat on your back, lower belly and arms! All you have to do is take one serving of cAMP Boost twice a day with your first meal of the day and one serving in the middle of the day, and these ingredients will shut off PDE-4 to boost cAMP signals to your cells telling them to burn, burn, burn!

You can experience breathtaking weight loss regardless of where you’re starting from - fit into clothes you wore 10 years ago, have twice as much energy as before and feel confident, strong and even sexy.

It’s very simple - Just take one serving of cAMP Boost twice a day with your first meal of the day and then one more time in the middle of the day… and you’ll burn body fat hour by hour, like clockwork.

So if that sounds like something you want, then it’s crucial that you pay attention to what I say next.

If you want to experience the power
of this groundbreaking new fat loss formula…
then you absolutely need to act fast

John and I are really proud of what we put together… and truly believe it’s the next “big-thing” that’s going to set a new standard for women everywhere who refuse to settle for half-baked weight loss formulas and gimmicks anymore, with how quickly this new presentation is going viral, and getting in front of hundreds of thousands of women a day - it’s important you act right now

Bottles are already flying off the shelves at our warehouse faster than we ever anticipated - and once we run out of supply...

It could be another 4-6 weeks before we get bottles of cAMP Boost back in stock…

See… because our formula contains several patented ingredients, we’re really at the mercy of the wonderful, cutting-edge manufacturers that produce them… And I’m sure after word gets out… they’ll probably have several companies reaching out to them for help. And I doubt they’ll turn them down.

They didn’t turn John and me down when we needed some help putting this formula together. But because they’re so generous… That’s going to make it a lot harder to keep up with our supply, and without these patented ingredients… our whole formula falls apart… So that’s why you should hurry and claim your bottles of cAMP Boost right now…

As long as this page is up and running it means we have a supply waiting for you in our warehouse and we can’t wait to ship it out to you. So if I were you, I wouldn’t wait another moment.

Out Of Stocks Are A Very Real Risk…


If I can be candid for a moment - I don’t know why you’d waste another second thinking this over - right now its at your fingertips! You have a chance to take advantage of this life changing opportunity to stock up on your supply of cAMP Boost.

I’m just one of the hundreds of women who are living proof this stuff works… it helped me lose humiliating belly fat and keep it off for good… and now I’m loving how my clothes fit. I feel great when I see myself in the mirror… and my energy and outlook on life is just so much more positive.

cAMP Boost has changed my life and I’m confident it’ll do the same for you when you order your supply today while we’re still in stock. And to make your decision as easy as possible…


We're giving away bottles of cAMP Boost at a huge discount on this page only

Which I’m excited to do, as it's not about money for me or John.

I know how frustrating it is to diet and exercise for nothing… and I know how it feels to reach a certain age and find it challenging to lose weight and keep it off. The horrifying realization that somewhere along the way, you’ve been trying to be super-woman for everyone you love - lost your figure, your confidence and maybe even your sense of purpose. I know what it’s like to give weight loss my best shot, to be trashed behind my back because of my weight, innocently poked fun at by my young son who didn’t mean to hurt me when he said I had a big belly… but his words cut me like a thousand daggers.

I know what it’s like to be in the presence of other women, and just feel like you want the ground to open up and swallow you whole… Because she’s so thin and fit and isn’t afraid to put it all on display… And you just feel like a frumpy blob standing next to her… like a tiny, insignificant speck in her world… and like everyone is secretly comparing you to her… I even know what it’s like to feel heaviness in my heart…

Watching my husband’s eyes go up and down

Another woman’s body, like an elevator

I promise this isn’t me “taking the high road”... but I would honestly never, ever, wish what I’ve been through on another woman - not even Veronica who almost destroyed my life.

And my heart breaks if you’ve experienced anything similar to how I’ve felt - Not thin enough, not attractive enough, not beautiful enough to anyone else… and more importantly… not beautiful enough to myself.

I know people say that “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” - or that “beauty is on the inside”, but I think it’s okay for any woman to want a little bit of that inner beauty to shine on the outside too, and feel confident and sexy, and just love the person she sees in the mirror each morning.

So that’s why I’m doing all this. I don’t want anyone to ever feel hopeless about their body again… and that includes you.

And that’s why John and I made it incredibly easy and affordable to get your bottles of cAMP Boost right now. So like I said before, trying to purchase all the ingredients I mentioned earlier separately… would cost you an arm and a leg. And I’m pretty certain you wouldn’t be able to purchase any of the patented ingredients without buying them in bulk

Which comes out to thousands of dollars an order - that’s just not realistic, so that’s why we’ve done all the leg work and all the heavy spending for you.

So listen up — with a formula like this, we could easily charge $89 per bottle and it would be totally worth it - might even be generous, but instead...

If you act right now and on this page only...

you can claim one bottle of cAMP Boost for just $67/$49/$59… But listen closely…

The savings get even better when you stock up today on more bottles of cAMP Boost!

So if you consider yourself a smart and savvy shopper, and want to watch the pounds and inches melt away for longer… slip into your favorite jeans from 10-years ago… vow never to wear a “fat girl” swimsuit again, and feel great in your own skin regardless of where you’re starting from today - then choose the 3 or 6 bottle option of cAMP Boost.

The reason I suggest that is because most of the studies I mentioned in today’s presentation lasted for at least 3 months… and it was after the 3 month mark that the women in the studies started seeing almost miraculous changes to their bodies.

It was the same for me too. And I felt like a completely new woman after taking this formula for 6 months. So if you want to see the very best, life-changing fat-loss results… you’re going to want to stock up on either 3 or 6 bottles of cAMP Boost today.

So with all that said, let me tell you about all the money you’ll save. When you make the great decision to stock up on 3 bottles of cAMP Boost… You can get your supply at just $57/$39/$49 per bottle…

Make the BEST decision and claim 6 bottles of cAMP Boost today - get the kind of results that make folks blush...

Everything they’ve ever said about your weight, like what happened to me… then I recommend stocking up on 6 bottles of cAMP Boost right now while we still have stock and save even bigger. When you choose the 6 bottle option of cAMP Boost it’s just $32 per bottle… which adds up to an exciting saving of $108.

When you stock up on 3 or 6 bottles of cAMP Boost today, I’ll also give you FREE shipping on your order. Something you won’t get on the 1-bottle option - that’s going to wipe an additional $14.95 OFF your order!


So I guess it’s safe to say smart people buy more…

So let me tell you how to do that right now to get your supply of cAMP Boost … and start on an easier journey to fat loss… to feel more confident in your body than you have in years…


Just select the amount of bottles of cAMP Boost you’d like below - whether that’s the 6 bottle option… 3 bottle option… or whichever option works best for you, and then click the “Purchase Now” button.

After that — complete the secure checkout form on the following page, and we’ll send your bottles of cAMP Boost to the address you provided at checkout, right away. They should arrive within 3-5 business days

And you can strip away layers of frustrating belly fat… and notice head-turning changes in the mirror… giving you confidence and glowing energy, beginning with your very first serving.

Stock up now on your supply while we still have bottles available and while this page is still up and running.

Oh… and just to make your decision as easy as possible… we’ve made this a completely risk-free opportunity for you! When you purchase your supply of cAMP Boost we’ll back up your bottles with a...

A Safe And Secure 365-Day, 100% Money Back Guarantee

Let me say this as clearly as I can. cAMP Boost is going to help you achieve a lean, tight, toned figure… and boost your confidence with every pound and inch that melts away. Until you’re radiating a positive and sexy glow that’s so attractive to other people.

All you have to do is order the right amount of bottles, consistently take cAMP Boost with your first meal of the day. That’s all it takes.

But if for any reason it doesn’t pan out that way - send an email to our friendly customer service team… and we’ll issue a full and prompt refund. No questions asked. No hassles. No need to even send back the bottles.


We created this guarantee to eliminate any worry or hesitation... that you can try cAMP Boost risk-free and with incredible peace of mind. The only risk you could possibly face is the one of pain and regret if you miss out on this life-changing formula while you have the chance. But again you need to act fast because the time to secure your supply of cAMP Boost is running out.

So right now while we still have bottles at the warehouse, and while we have this limited-time, discount available, choose the amount of bottles you’d like us to send to you… then click the “Purchase Now” button…

Complete the secure checkout form on the following page, and we’ll ship your bottles of cAMP Boost right away so they arrive at your door in 3-5 business days. Go ahead and do that now.


Okay… we’re getting close to the end of this presentation. And…

You've come to a very real crossroad of a once in a lifetime choice

The choice between two very different realities

The first choice is the painful reality where you do anything other than finally fix the one problem holding you back from the body, health and life you truly desire and deserve… A reality that’s full of even more embarrassment, frustration, and despair as your weight gain inevitably gets worse… because the fat burning signals in your body get quieter and quieter… until your cells literally forget how to burn fat.


With every inch that your waistline expands… and as every pound adds up on the scale… it’s that much more control, slipping out of your grasp until it’s too late. And everything starts to fall apart…

You lose the respect of those closest to you… Your partner starts looking at other women’s bodies and doesn’t even feel bad that it makes you want to crawl in a hole and hide…

You feel like the ugly duckling in a room full of women… and watch as they get more opportunities, more attention, more privileges than you.

If you choose this reality… and ignore the opportunity that’s literally a simple click of the mouse away… You’ll never feel truly free… never free to eat what you want without feeling hot, judgmental looks from others… or condemning yourself for liking chocolate cake and a glass of wine just like everyone else. You’ll always settle for clothes that cover your belly… hide your arms… conceal your thighs… while other women parade around in outfits you wish you could wear… Do you see?

If you take this first path you’ll never live the life you really want to live…

And that scares me! I know what it’s like to toe that line and think it’s just something you have to accept. But I’m here today to tell you that you don’t have to accept that reality.

There’s a better reality available for you to choose right here and now… an almost fantasy world that real women just like you are already living in as you’re watching this… Where calorie counting, dieting, painful amounts of uncomfortable exercise and failed attempts at weight loss don't exist… And guess what…

The clinging, stubborn, heavy body fat… the constant insecurities about your weight… the boiling anger you feel when you look in the mirror and wonder how you let this happen… None of that exists in this new reality either. Instead...

Beginning right now... today, with the click of a button… You can effortlessly lose the weight that’s been holding you back from living life on your terms

Quit worrying about what other people say or think about your body… and gain permanent control over your figure. Every morning you’ll wake up glowing with excitement for the day ahead… With tons of energy… a knockout body… and the confidence you had in your 20s. Bursting with anticipation to see a younger, leaner and healthier you in the mirror each day.

And that’s what you want, isn’t it? To love your body and love your life… And I just want to tell you… That is NOT too much to ask. And this is your chance to make it happen for yourself. So, woman to woman…

You may never forgive yourself if you let this

Once in a lifetime opportunity
slip from your grasp

... finally start living life in a body you love.

And I would hate for you to stare at the bedroom ceiling every night dreading the scale the next morning… or the exhausting 5am workout… or the starvation diet… when you could just take one serving of cAMP Boost twice a day, once in the morning and another serving mid-day… and watch with giddy excitement as your body transforms like clockwork.

So please… do this for yourself right now - while we still have bottles at the warehouse… And while we have this limited-time discount available…

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So go ahead and do that now! You’ll be so glad you did.

Thank you for following and I wish you all the best.



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Frequently Asked Questions

Still here? I know we covered a lot of new information today… So for the next few moments I’m going to address the most common questions about cAMP Boost to help make the decision to stock up and save on our limited supply very easy… First…

Who is cAMP Boost for?

cAMP Boost is for any person who wants to burn fat quickly and safely without strict dieting or extreme exercise.

It doesn’t matter age, shape, body type or how many things you’ve tried in the past that haven’t worked. cAMP Boost is a safe and scientifically supported way… using the latest research… to support the fat-burning signals in your body and boost fat loss without making any drastic changes to your lifestyle.

The next question I get is… How do I use cAMP Boost

All you have to do is take one serving of cAMP Boost twice a day… once in the morning with your first meal of the day and once in the middle of the day.

And this exciting formula will boost cAMP fat-burning signals in your body and start flattening your belly… clinching up your waistline… and shedding stubborn, frustrating body fat like an old cocoon so you can spread your wings and fly. And remember...

Studies show the longer you take the ingredients inside cAMP Boost… the better they’ll work… and the stronger your fat-burning cAMP signals will be... and its for that reason I recommend you stock up on 3 or 6 bottles of cAMP Boost for this limited-time, new customer discount while you can.

Alright next question… Are there any harmful chemicals inside cAMP Boost

Absolutely not. We don’t even have caffeine in our formula so you don’t have to worry about getting jitters or an upset stomach like most fat-burners will do.

cAMP Boost is formulated with six powerful ingredients that block “signal-muting enzymes” in the body and boost cAMP signals that tell your cells to burn fat for fuel. Once again, here are the ingredients inside cAMP Boost…

Sinetrol® - which is a patented form of natural Mediterranean citrus proven in studies to cancel signal-muting enzymes and boost cAMP signals for fat loss…

CaloriBurn® - which is a patented form of grains of paradise extract shown in studies to elevate fat metabolism and replace stubborn white fat with fat-burning brown fat…

Guarana seed extract - which has also been shown in studies to cancel signal-muting enzymes and boost cAMP signals for greater fat loss.

Grapefruit extract - which gives you all the amazing fat loss benefits of grapefruit that television doctor, Dr. Oz and Hollywood celebrities Brooke Shields and Kylie Minogue rave about.

Citrus sinensis extract - which is a potent fat-burning compound inside blood oranges that helps achieve rapid weight loss. And finally...

Bioperine® a patented black pepper extract that increases the absorption and effectiveness of each ingredient inside our formula for reliable and unbeatable results.

Every ingredient inside cAMP Boost has been proven in studies to be safe and effective.

Next… How does cAMP Boost work?

I’ll recap this very quickly. There’s a certain signal-muting enzyme in the body that increases with age… and this enzyme blocks fat-burning signals from a molecule called cAMP. The ingredients inside cAMP Boost block the signal-muting enzyme that’s stopping the fat burning signals from reaching your cells…

As a result, your cells will now receive messages from cAMP to burn fat.

Alright next question - Is there a money back guarantee with my order of cAMP Boost?

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